So what is a copywriter?

Well, the first thing I can tell you is what a copywriter isn’t.

It’s nothing to do with who has ownership of something and the ‘little C in the circle’ symbol – that’s copyright. I can’t help you with that, sorry.

It also doesn’t mean that we copy someone else’s writing. That’s plagiarism and that’s a big no-no!

Right, now tell me what a copywriter actually is!

Traditionally, a copywriter is someone who writes copy (or put more simply – words) to help something sell. Advertisements, brochures, sales pages, those ‘tug at the heart-strings’ charity letters – all of that.

The term also includes content writers – where the focus isn’t so much on selling but on informing and educating. This could be things like blogs, the words that are on your website, social media updates, or informational flyers and so-on. Good content writing can build up a brand, attract your audience, increase trust and ultimately lead to more clients or buyers for your site, but it’s not an immediate call to sell.

There’s a definite overlap between the two types of writing but some writers specialise in one type over the other. I’m not a hard-sell type girl, so my copywriting leans more to the content writing end of the spectrum.

Okay, that makes sense – what’s this about an SEO copywriter?

An SEO copywriter is someone who can write copy to help with your website’s SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation. They write copy and structure the text so your website and blogs perform better for keywords on search engines like Google. I can write SEO friendly copy for your website or blogs.

Sounds good – how can I find out more?

Hopefully that’s given you an insight into what I do. If I can help you in any way, send an email to or call me on 0490 083 591.