Maitland-based copywriter

Once upon a time, there was a nerdy tomboy who liked nothing better than programming her Commodore 64, writing stories and reading the encyclopedia. That’s when she wasn’t hiking, camping, abseiling or hiding away with her head stuck in a book.

The technology has moved on, but the essence of that girl remains.

I’m Kerrie McDonald, owner, PA and general dogsbody of The Writing Nook.

I’m a copywriter who can write the words you need for your business. I’m a Maitland copywriter working with businesses across Australia.

How I can help you

I’m an affordable, approachable copywriter who works with businesses and agencies. Much of my work is written for B2B clients.

My focus is on technology, fintech and IT companies, writing clear, concise copy that’s easily understood. But I love to research and can turn my hand to most types of business.

I write content that’s easy to read and good for SEO.

While I’ve always had a love of writing, my original background is in IT.  I worked primarily as an analyst/programmer, but have also been IT Support and a network engineer. As a writer and an IT nerd, I have the ability to translate “tech-speak” into understandable plain English.

Kerrie McDonald - Copywriter and owner of The Writing Nook

Who I’ve helped

I’ve worked with clients across many areas:

  • not-for-profits including disability services and community organisations,
  • manufacturing,
  • education,
  • IT and technology,
  • fintech,
  • small business,
  • alternative health and wellness,
  • the arts,
  • and renewable energy to name a few.

I also work for several marketing agencies writing articles, case studies and blogs for their clients.

If any of my story sounds like I’d be a good fit for your writing project, give me a call on 0490 083 591 or shoot me an email –!

Why did I call my business The Writing Nook?

A nook is ‘a corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security’. I’m currently living in a tiny cottage that’s over 150 years old, so the rooms are quite small. It’s lucky that I love to write in small places – it makes me feel safe and boosts my creativity.

In the next few years I plan to buy a campervan and travel Australia while I continue writing – so then my office really will be a ‘nook’!