Give your business documents the professional edge.

Maybe you or a member of your team has written a business document, but you need a fresh pair of eyes to make sure it’s polished and professional.

I can help you with copyediting and proofreading a range of business documents such as:

  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Reports
  • Submissions
  • Training manuals
  • Website copy etc


What’s the difference between copyediting and proofreading?

Copyediting is the first step in the process after your document has been written. It aims to make a document consistent, correct and readable. It also covers proofreading to make the document as error-free as possible.

During copyediting, I check for:

  • Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax
  • Correct word usage (eg did you mean affect or effect?)
  • Consistency in word usage (eg have you used high-flying in one spot and high flying in another?)
  • Consistency in formatting (eg have you used consistent heading styles throughout?)

I will lightly edit your document to:

  • Improve transitions and flow
  • Cut wordiness
  • Remove repetition

I can also edit your document down to a specified word count if required.

My copyediting service doesn’t cover researching, fact-checking or extensive rewriting.


Proofreading is the final step before publishing. It concentrates on how the document looks rather than how well it flows.

During proofreading, I’ll do a final check for:

  • Consistency in word usage and formatting
  • Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax
  • Correct version of words (eg check you’re using Australian English for an Australian market)


What’s the process and how much does it cost?

I use Track Changes in Word (or Google Docs if preferred) so you can see the changes I’ve made and have the ultimate say in accepting or rejecting them.

The time taken to copyedit and / or proofread can vary significantly based on factors like:

  • How long the document is
  • How solid the text is (ie is the report full of large chucks of text and long sentences?)
  • Whether you need a copyedit or a proofread
  • The writing ability of the original writer

I offer my copyediting and proofreading services either on an hourly or a project basis.

If you’d like a project rate, a quote will be given based on reviewing the full document or a large sample.