About Me

I’m Kerrie McDonald, owner, PA and general dogsbody of The Writing Nook. I’m a copywriter who can write the words you need for your business.

I love working with small businesses and not-for-profits who are passionate about their products and services.

My particular love is for businesses and organisations who set out to make a difference in the lives of others. People who want to change their small part of the world in some positive way.

I’ve worked with clients across many areas:

  • not-for-profits including disability services and community organisations,
  • manufacturing,
  • education,
  • IT and technology,
  • small business,
  • alternative health and wellness,
  • the arts,
  • and renewable energy to name a few.

Luckily I love to research and can quickly learn about new sectors!

I didn’t follow the usual route to being a copywriter. My original background is in IT, so I have the ability to translate “tech-speak” into understandable plain English.

As well as copywriting, I’m a published fiction author as Kerrie Paterson. I’ve also written feature articles for niche magazines and newspapers (in particular Scouts and homeschooling), so I know how to tell a story.

Why did I call my business The Writing Nook?

A nook is ‘a corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security’. I’m currently living in a tiny cottage that’s over 150 years old, so the rooms are quite small. It’s lucky that I love to write in small places – it makes me feel safe and boosts my creativity.

In the next few years I plan to buy a campervan and travel Australia while I continue writing – so then my office really will be a ‘nook’!

If any of my story sounds like I’d be a good fit for your writing project, give me a call on 0490 083 591 or shoot me an email!

Kerrie McDonald - Copywriter and owner of The Writing Nook